What is the Political Novel: Defining the Genre - day 2

By: Vedrana Veličković, Marina Protrka Štimec, Mirela Dakić, Magda Potok, Rahul Putty, Polina Mackay . This material is a product of the Caponeu project.

Recording of the first annual CAPONEU conference, at which the consortium members come together and discuss the historical legacy and present perspectives of the political novel in Europe!

POLINA MACKAY (NICOSIA): Intersectional politics in the ‘cancerland’: Reading Natasha Brown’s Assembly

MARINA PROTRKA ŠTIMEC (ZAGREB): “Perché i xe bestie?!” Politics, race and exclusion in Vladan Desnica’s Zimsko ljetovanje (The Winter Summer Holiday)

MIRELA DAKIĆ (ZAGREB): What is novel in the political novel? The perspectives of contemporary feminist theory

MAGDA POTOK (POZNAŃ): The repoliticisation of Spanish culture and the dispute over the political novel in the context of the economic crisis of 2008

VEDRANA VELIČKOVIĆ (BRIGHTON): Brexit and the political novel/The politics of Brexlit

RAHUL PUTTY (MANIPAL): Not a book for burning: Reading the political in academic fiction


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Natasha Brown


Presented by: Polina Mackay



Intersectional politics

Contemporary Britain

Vladan Desnica

The Winter Summer Vacation (Zimsko ljetovanje)

Presented by: Marina Protrka Štimec


Second world war




Class hegemony