What is the Political Novel: Defining the Genre - day 3

By: Andrea Milanko, Nenad Ivić, Ana Tomljenović, Shambhavi Prakash, Rossitsa Terzieva-Artemis, Paul Stewart, Błażej Warkocki . This material is a product of the Caponeu project.

Recording of the first annual CAPONEU conference, at which the consortium members come together and discuss the historical legacy and present perspectives of the political novel in Europe!

ANDREA MILANKO and ANA TOMLJENOVIĆ (ZAGREB): The picaresque novel: Claiming the unclaimed existence

PAUL STEWART (NICOSIA): The individual and incorporation: Fundamental operations of the political in Beckett’s Molloy

SHAMBHAVI PRAKASH (NEW DELHI): Reading Hubert Fichte’s literary works as political

ROSSIE ARTEMIS (NICOSIA): Of people and chronotopes – Berlin in the early novels of Nabokov and Shklovsky

BŁAŻEJ WARKOCKI (POZNAŃ): Political parameters of East European queer novel: The case of Lubiewo (Lovetown) by Michał Witkowski

NENAD IVIĆ (ZAGREB): Is Pierre Michon's The Eleven a political novel?



Related political novels

Samuel Beckett

Molloy (Molloy )

Presented by: Paul Stewart





Hubert Fichte

Detlev’s Imitations (Detlevs Imitationen “Grünspan” )

Presented by: Shambhavi Prakash

Second world war

Students’ movement


Allied bombings

Vladimir Nabokov

The Gift (Дар (Dar) )

Presented by: Rossitsa Terzieva-Artemis