Public event: What’s novel about a novel? Storytelling and travelling knowledge

Date: 26 March 2024 (7.30pm GMT)

Venue: Frankopan Hall, West Court, Jesus College, Cambridge CB5 8BL United Kingdom & online via Zoom


Join prize-winning novelist Shida Bazyar in conversation with Miriam Schwarz and Tara Talwar Windsor to discuss how novels take their characters and their readers on journeys across cultural contexts, and how this can make both characters and readers re-assess the things they think they know. How sound are our belief systems, viewed from another perspective? How easy or difficult is it to let the new knowledge gained from reading novels travel into everyday life? Shida Bazyar’s novel Sisters in Arms (translated by Ruth Martin) has been called “an explosive feminist and anti-racist novel about the importance of friendship”. It tells the story of three young women who are simultaneously at the forefront of the novel and on the margins of the society they live in. As women of Colour living in low-income families, they fully understand the demands of a white and consumer-oriented culture while standing with one foot in it – so to speak – and one foot out. Readers of the novel necessarily engage with their view of the world, even though mainstream society tends not to. The event is being cohosted with the Cambridge German Section, the Cambridge Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics and the Intellectual Forum, Jesus College. Please register here.