Political Novel in Historiographical and Sociological Perspective: Structures and Analogies - part 2

By: Mirela Dakić, Goran Pavlić, Ante Andabak, Branimir Janković . This material is a product of the Caponeu project.

Recording of the research workshop that took place in Zagreb on 16 March 2024

KEYNOTE Goran Pavlić (University of Zagreb) The Sociology of Novel – A Few Notes on Methodology  

Mirela Dakić (University of Zagreb) Writing Between Genres: Hoggart, Bourdieu, Eribon

Ante Andabak (University of Zagreb) The Weber Brothers and Kafka on Bureaucracy – An Attempt at a Broader Marxist Understanding

Branimir Janković (University of Zagreb) The Polylogue between History, Literature and Sociology: A Retrospective View